UW License Plate Program

In November 2007, the Alumni Association began accepting applications for the University of Wyoming license plate.  The plate was approved during the 2007 legislative session – the result of much advocacy work by UWAA supporters.  The brown and gold plate issue was approved through 2016. All UW supporters are eligible to receive the UW plate – not just alumni. 

A one-time fee (through 2016) of $130 is required with the plate application.  Of this fee, $100 is deposited into an account at UW that is restricted for student scholarships and programming expenditures.  Not only do the brown and gold plates look great on vehicles, but they are a great way to support UW students! 

The results of this program are truly outstanding.  Approximately $520,000 has already been generated for student scholarships and programming.  Plates are available for passenger vehicles and motorcycles registered in Wyoming.  Feel free to contact the Alumni Association if you have questions about your vehicle’s eligibility for the UW plate or the availability of certain plate numbers.

Get your UW plate today!  Click here to download a UW License Plate application.