Why Give to UW?

The University of Wyoming aspires to be one of the nation's finest public
land-grant research universities. We serve as a statewide resource for accessible and affordable higher education of the highest quality; rigorous scholarship; technology transfer; economic and community development; and responsible stewardship of our cultural, historical, and natural resources.

With so much competition for you philanthropic dollars, why give to the University of Wyoming? Because it just makes sense.

Top Ten Reasons to Give to the University of Wyoming

10. To Reconnect to Your Alma Mater – Perhaps you attended UW.  If so, what better way to reconnect with your classmates and the time you spent on these beautiful grounds than to contribute to the institution that helped you on your path to success.

9. To Give Back to Your Community – The people you live and work with may be alumni of the UW and may take advantage of its outreach or may benefit from its research.  Children in your community may choose to attend UW in order to lay the groundwork for happy, healthy, and successful future lives.  By giving to UW, you support the growth and health of your community.

8. To Support Wyoming’s Economic Future – UW is not only educating Wyoming’s workforce of tomorrow but also doing the research that is creating the technological advances that will propel Wyoming’s industries of the future.  Your gift helps ensure the future sustainability of our businesses and industries.

7. To Join a Select Group of People Dedicated to Helping Future Generations –  People who give to the University of Wyoming are a select breed.  You may recognize them by the brown and gold stickers on their cars or by the look of pride on their faces when you mention Wyoming.  They believe in education and investing in the future.  They are practical and idealistic at the same time.  They believe in giving back and paying it forward.  They also may be zealous supporters of the Pokes.  By giving to the University of Wyoming, you join this select group whose common cause is UW’s students and the future of our world.

6. To Take Advantage of Tax Breaks or Other Financial Tools – Whether through a major gift, annual giving, planned giving, or even through your corporation or foundation, charitable contributions offer many financial advantages.  You can offset federal, capital gains, or estate taxes through deductions or careful structuring of of estate plans.  You can even receive income during your lifetime and still provide a charitable gift through a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. 

5. Because You Can Trust that Your Gift Will Be Used Efficiently for the Program or Area You Designate – We at the UW Foundation begin by working with you so that your gift goes to the program or area that means the most to you, and we are able to guide you as to the needs and priorities of the university.  Furthermore, we believe strongly in the Donor Bill of Rights, in our mission, and in the core values we all hold dear—and we do our best to honor the trust placed in us by the university and by our donors, alumni, and friends.

4. To Continue the Tradition, Or to Create One of Your Own – Maybe you come from a family who has an established tradition of passing some of their good fortune on to others.  That is also a UW tradition—we pass on the knowledge of the generations before us to the generations coming after.  Consider joining us in support of those dedicated students, either by continuing your family tradition, or by starting a new one.

3. To Pass Along Your Good Fortune – You have had many advantages in your life.  Your parents helped you a lot, your teachers believed in you, and complete strangers established scholarships and endowments that helped you with your education.  Now is time to pass along your good fortune to those who come after you so that they in turn can help our grandchildren.

2. To Leave a Legacy – Maybe someone in your family has made a huge impact on you and everyone else in their world.  What better way to remember them than to set up an endowment in their honor—one that ripple on to help the citizens and leaders of tomorrow lead happy, healthy, and successful lives and to give back in their own ways. What a lasting tribute to that special person.

And the No. 1 reason to give to the University of Wyoming is …

1. For the Students – The reason we are here is to prepare our children to lead happy and successful lives.  From when they are babies, we give them the best nutrition and health habits and we support their exploration of the world while setting boundaries so that they do not hurt themselves.  Your gift to the University of Wyoming continues this support by allowing our children to learn about the world and their place in it while being taught by first-rate teachers within world-class facilities, all without the distractions of putting food on the table and a roof over their heads. Your gift sets them up to succeed.

In order to focus our fundraising dollars, we have set some Institutional Fundraising Priorities.